Paul Stanley in the “(You Make Me) Rock Hard” music video.


why don’t you guys ask me questions

like are you even curious about me

do you wanna know my middle name

my last name

my favorite color

my favorite movie

my netflix account information

the hospital i was born

my social security number

my blood type

when i sold my soul to satan

Title: Gerard Way talking about being pulled over
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"Me and Frankie got pulled over last night. Well, it’s more like we got held up by four undercover SUV special agent police. And they asked me twice if I was vampire. I’m not even fucking shitting. That guy doesn’t even know how he made my year. And then they let us go, and they said just drive a little slower. Then, they go “are you guys Satan worshippers?" We said “No, dude.” And don’t ever call a cop dude because they don’t like it."

Title: Bizarre Love Triangle
Artist: New Order
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New Order // Bizarre Love Triangle


I want this hairstyle. O.O